Call Today in Support of the Clinical Trials Coverage Amendment

As the Senate and the House work to combine their health care reform bills please take a moment to call your members of Congress to express your support for the Senators Brown and Hutchison amendment that will finally require insurance companies to provide coverage of routine care costs associated with a clinical trial.

A significant barrier to patient participation in clinical trials is that many insurance carriers, including plans offered through the Federal Employee Health Benefit Program, define clinical trials as "experimental" even though the study may include the Standard of Care. The patient is denied coverage for care that they would normally be receiving. The cost of any care related to an experimental agent is understood to be covered by the pharmaceutical company who owns this new agent, but in most cases, the patient is being denied coverage for regular Standard of Care simply due to the fact that they are involved in a clinical trial.

This amendment would finally remove the roadblock that many cancer patients face as they attempt to enroll in clinical trials for the treatment of cancer. This amendment will greatly enhance our ability at US Oncology to enroll patients in effective new treatments for cancer and accelerate research aimed at finding a cure. Please contact your members of Congress today.

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Click here to read the US Oncology letter of support for this amendment.


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Health Policy Report - December 10, 2014

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